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Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery in Total Hip Replacement (AMIS) is the state of the art in hip replacement in major hip centers around the world.

Our approach to Total Hip Replacement places equal importance on:
  • Optimizing Function
  • Maximizing Survivorship
  • Accelerating Recovery

Our preferred operative approach is the AMIS technique (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery in Total Hip Replacement. It is a commendable technique and its notable advantages over other conventional approaches may be summarized as follows:
  • The location of the skin incision in the AMIS technique is such that no nerve or artery are at significant risk of injury.
  • The surgical approach exploits an ‘internervous’ interval to reach the capsule of the hip joint. Furthermore, as there is no division of muscle involved in this approach, the approach is not only ’internervous’ but also ‘intermuscular’. It is truly minimally invasive. No tendons or muscles are cut or detached. There is a significant reduction in postoperative pain and stiffness. This makes for greater patient compliance during postoperative physiotherapy. In fact, some of the more physically able patients will recover a ‘normal’ hip feeling in a very short period of time, so much that they must be cautioned not to do too much too soon.
  • Although very small in size (6 to 8 cm), the skin incision, due to its position and the trajectory of the deeper dissection, allows for a generous exposure of the femoral neck and head prior to implant insertion.
  • The vast majority of our patient population do not require blood transfusion.
  • No drain is kept in the surgical wound.
  • Hip precautions in the postoperative period can be reduced to a minimum as the rate of dislocation appears to be, in our series as well as in others, next to nil.
  • Our results and other results from centers around the world show that hospitalization time, pain, blood loss and work incapacity can be cut approximately in half comparing it with a standard lateral approach.
  • Our experience show that the method we use allows us to operate reliably on virtually any patient who needs a hip replacement.

Word of caution
Any patient who needs a Total Hip Replacement should know that Anterior Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement is not a procedure that every surgeon in general orthopedic practice should be doing. The technique is elaborate and the learning curve is long.

I would remain reluctant to determine the number of procedures needed to overcome this so-called ’learning curve’ and I have no doubt this number is not the same for all learners. But at the same time, we believe that a surgeon should not get the experience at the expense of his patients. If the learning curve for an experienced hip surgeon is 40 to 50 Anterior Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement procedures, it is clear that this procedure does not belong to the core pratice of community surgeons who perform hip replacement occasionally.

Many surgeons get the opportunity to travel to a highly specialized center for a one-day training session on using the technique. One day of training is not adequate and we would like to see more extensive ‘hands-on’ cadaver training and mentoring of inexperienced surgeons by those who are skilled in the procedure.

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