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I am indebted first to my patients, then to the medical profession, including my students, and last but not least to the community at large for their recognition of my commitment to Hip Surgery.

Being entrusted nationally and regionally as a hip expert is a great privilege and I shall remain grateful to my patients and my colleagues for their trust.

Since my early years in orthopaedic surgery my main interest has been the hip joint, and still is, while maintaining a close adherence to the holistic perspective (refer to Mission & Vision) thanks to a continued education in all related fields.

My surgical activities have taken me worldwide where I have gained leading-edge experience in my area of expertise. I have reached a stage of my career where I certainly commend a high competence regarding all possible hip problems.

Well after being among the first regional surgeons to have introduced cementless hip replacement via a transgluteal approach in the early 1990s, a technique which still dominates the market today, I have, more recently, initiated the development of what is considered today the most gentle access to the hip joint, namely the Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery used in highly specialized centers around the globe, a ‘state of the art’ tissue sparing technique for total hip replacement allowing rehabilitation to be much faster and more complete.

I have also gained a wide exposure to complex situations like revision surgery of failed primary total hip replacement. I belong to the small circle of surgeons being capable of revising a failed primary total hip in most circumstances without detaching or cutting through musculature or tendons. In doing so, rehabilitation is much faster and postoperative pain and limping are reduced. In my service, revisions have enjoyed large steps forward leading to reproducible solutions for difficult femoral and acetabular reconstructive problems that would have been impossible to solve just a decade ago. Surgical techniques I have recently implemented to allow immediate mobilization with full weight bearing in the treatment of major structural acetabular bone defects (Paprosky III) could not be imagined only a few years ago.

With the continuous worldwide success of athroplasty there is an increasing demand for hip replacement in the young adult, raising the bar in terms of functional expectations and postoperative physical performance which has lead surgeons and engineers alike to develop the concept of bone preservation “high function - low wear prostheses” in an effort to preserve the bone stock and respect the soft tissue envelope of the hip joint. This concept is best represented with Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing.

My experience with Hip Resurfacing spans a period of 15 years. Hip Resurfacing is an attractive bone preserving alternative to Hip Replacement in the younger patient which has lead to excellent results that were equal or even superior to those of Hip Replacement while preserving the entire bone stock of the proximal femur. Unfortunately, the popularity of Hip Resurfacing was lately tarnished among the public and the medical profession alike, following the emerging worldwide concerns about metal-on-metal articulations and the recall of several metal-on-metal hip implants from different manufacturers. The spectrum for Hip Resurfacing has thus significantly narrowed and the consensus recommendation for all metal-on-metal users today is “take a time out” until better and safer metallurgical options and tribological data will be made available. Instead, Anterior Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement, a technique using bone preserving implants combined to a soft tissue sparing approach, becomes the golden standard for the treatment of virtually every patient requiring an artificial hip.

My Experience

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